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Metal Punching

From the simple to the intricate, SPM’s Punching Department is here to meet your metal punching and forming needs. Our precision automation and tooling will give you the accurate parts you need at a competitive cost.

Metal punching is the most efficient and cost-effective method for adding holes and forms in parts. The sheet metal is positioned between a punch and a corresponding die, and when the punch presses downwards into the die, the metal between them is sheared away.

Punch machines are able to create holes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and if a specific shape is needed then a corresponding die can be used. Custom hole sizes can also be created through a process known as “nibbling”, where smaller holes are punched closely together to create customized shapes. The process of metal punching is extremely fast compared to laser cutting the same holes and forms. Because of this, metal punching is ideal for large runs of parts that contain lots of features.

At SPM, we have the capability to produce high numbers of quality parts with intricate features and hole patterns. Our machines can produce a variety of holes, countersinks, embossments, louvers, and other formed features. We have automated turrets which can process complex parts with high-speed precision, which lowers costs and lead times. All of our metal punching machines and punch/laser combo machines have loading towers with multiple shelves to store materials and sheets, which allow for manufacturing runs of up to 22 hours straight, as well as lights-out automation.

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