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Build your future

At SPM, we’re passionate about education and learning. To support these efforts, we offer internships to college and high school students that provide them with valuable experience and opportunities. Through this program, we take classroom learning and apply it in the real world through hands-on training and job application.

Our interns have worked on a variety of projects, including our annual Manufacturing Day events, our paperless initiatives, and large customer projects in our Assembly and Shake departments.

Solve real problems

Our interns work on real projects that affect how our company functions, allowing them to make a tangible impact on the future of SPM. With our support and experience, we create an environment that encourages creativity, innovation, and process improvement thinking.

Explore new opportunities

Manufacturing is a highly diverse industry with many avenues for exploration and growth. At SPM, our interns work in a variety of roles across our support and operations teams, allowing them to gain real business experience and experience different jobs within manufacturing. We work to give our interns the relevant knowledge and skills that are required to enter into their desired career field.

Build your skillset

We have a strong internship and technical learning program that builds the all-important skills that are invaluable in developing and maintaining a strong workforce culture. We offer internships that allow students to learn valuable technical skills that will enhance their ability to seek employment.

Why intern at SPM?

At SPM, I have had the opportunity to engage with a diverse set of challenges that I had to grow to overcome. My growth has been accelerated by several great mentors that I have found to help guide my learning and development.

Planning & Programming Intern

My experience as an intern at SPM has been so valuable to me, both personally and professionally. I have always been given all of the resources that I need to build up my skills, and being responsible for managing my own projects has made me more confident in the work that I do.

Marketing, Sales, & HR Intern

SPM University

At SPM, we are passionate about teaching, coaching, and training the team of tomorrow. Our SPM University program serves to provide our team members with all of the tools and resources they need to build upon their existing skills or learn new ones.

SPM Internships - Special Products & Mfg., Inc. - Rockwall (DFW) TX

Why Manufacturing?

2.4 Million

Manufacturing jobs to fill by 2028

Distribution of manufacturing employment by occupational group

May 2013

A High-Tech Industry

Manufacturers work with some of the most advanced tech in the world, including everything from virtual reality simulations to artificially intelligent robots.

Create & Innovate

Manufacturers are responsible for 75% of all private research and development in the US, driving more innovation than any other sector!

Job Diversity

There is high demand for engineering jobs such as machining and fabrication, CAD, programming, robotics, and design. Manufacturers also rely on support staff like sales professionals, trainers, and purchasers to keep their operations running smoothly.

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