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5 Reasons Why It’s Great to Work in Manufacturing

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1 Work in an exciting industry!
Manufacturing is a highly diverse sector, with opportunities in industries such as aerospace, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, robotics, and telecommunications! Manufacturing is also built on collaborating with others to solve problems. Those who work in manufacturing often have to get together and work as a team to come up with creative solutions that will solve real-world problems.

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2 Be on the cutting edge of technology
It’s no secret that manufacturing and innovation go hand-in-hand. Manufacturing is one of the largest drivers of technological innovation, and in fact 75% of all research & development in the United States is led by manufacturers! These innovations aren’t all just for increasing efficiency and product quality. New technologies such as advanced robotics, virtual reality (VR), and the Internet of Things (IoT) create a smarter and safer workplace.

3 Create tangible products
Manufacturers create products that make a difference in the world! Look around you, and you’ll find that almost everything surrounding you has been manufactured at some point. The infrastructure that we rely on every day is also dependent on manufacturing. Highways and bridges need cement trucks and tools, fire fighters require precisely-manufactured helmets and durable, high-pressure water hoses. At Special Products & Mfg., we manufacture everything from pole top assemblies for 5G technology to cabinets that dispense medications for hospital patients. Working in manufacturing comes with the satisfaction of seeing the products you make helping people out in the real world.

4 Build your career
Manufacturers are in high demand! The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that there will be 2.4 million manufacturing jobs to fill by 2028. These include a wide variety of roles in areas such as: Engineering & Programming, Welding, Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, Business & Sales, Transportation, and Logistics. In addition to a large and diverse pool of available jobs, manufacturers also boast competitive pay and benefits for their workers.

5 It’s easy to get started!
Manufacturers are everywhere, and it’s easy to get started on a career in manufacturing! Start a conversation with your local manufacturers and ask them about job shadowing, internship, or career opportunities. If you’re interested in pursuing a technical career such as welding, participate in training programs to build your skillset and gain experience. Finally, you can also research local technical schools to boost your knowledge of manufacturing and receive valuable training with machines and equipment.

At SPM, we offer internships to college and high school students that provide them with valuable experience and opportunities. We focus on taking classroom learning and teaching our interns to apply it in the real world through hands-on training and job application.

To learn more, see our Careers and Internships pages!

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Special Products & Mfg., Inc.
Special Products & Mfg., Inc.1 month ago
SPM is a proud recipient of the CTENT Award for our collaboration with Rockwall Independent School District! We ❤ supporting RISD and our local students!
Special Products & Mfg., Inc.
Special Products & Mfg., Inc.4 months ago
Our job fair is happening right now! Come visit us today to learn about our open positions! We will be here until 4pm today!
Special Products & Mfg., Inc.
Special Products & Mfg., Inc.4 months ago
🔔 Our job fair is happening tomorrow from 11 AM - 4 PM! We hope to see you there!

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Special Products & Mfg., Inc.
Special Products & Mfg., Inc.4 months ago
📢 Our job fair is happening this Friday! Come meet our team, learn about our open positions, and kickstart your career in manufacturing!

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Special Products & Mfg., Inc.
Special Products & Mfg., Inc.4 months ago
Come meet the SPM team at our job fair on Friday, January 21! Learn about new and exciting opportunities in manufacturing and build your career!

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Visit to learn more!

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Special Products & Mfg., Inc.
Special Products & Mfg., Inc.4 months ago
Are you looking to kickstart your career in manufacturing? Come visit us at our job fair on Friday, January 21st to meet our team and learn about our open positions! We are hiring for entry-level and experienced positions, so everyone is welcome!

Learn more and submit your application at
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