Rewards & Recognition

SPM - ACM 2017 - Rockwall (DFW) TXThe dynamic force behind our Continuous Improvement process is our Rewards and Recognition Program. The program was launched in 2012. Since its introduction we have received from our associates many different suggestions that cover these areas:

  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Cost
  • Productivity

Associates are recognized for every suggestion. They are also rewarded based on the number of suggestions that are implemented. Rewards include vending machine credit, a t-shirt, polo, hat, and cash.

We acknowledge the top 10 completed suggestions each quarter. The top three ideas each receive a gift card. Our quarterly winners are put into a selection process for the top suggestion of the year. The top suggestion is awarded our grand prize.

Two examples of associate suggestions that were implemented are below.


Driver of the fork lift had to get off and manually go lift the overhead door

Implemented Suggestion:

Installed a remote control on the fork lift to automatically lift the overhead door, saving time to a process used daily.


Springs in Weld and Grind departments wore down and had to be replaced at least once a week.

Implemented Suggestion:

New springs with higher tension were used and not replaced for over a month, saving time and material costs.